One of the most common challenges encountered by businesses is failure to operationalise strategy.  We believe that growth and success are inherent in organisations but as complexity mounts and the rate of change escalates; identifying what needs to be done, by who and when is becoming increasingly challenging. At 2Connect, we partner with businesses to identify an actionable path to success using a combination of tried and tested methodologies and tailor-made solutions. We find that by spending time asking the right people the right questions; the right approach for success becomes clear.

At 2Connect; we recognise that time is a highly limited and valuable commodity and are committed to putting it to good use. One of the ways that we do this is through our highly agile structure. When commissioned to solve a client challenge; we tap into our network of highly focussed and capable professionals and arrange a holocratic team best suited for best outcomes. We also believe in building capabilities within the organisations that we work; thus enabling continued growth long after our work is done.

From ideas on paper to real results, we connect people to plans to enable action. 

2Connect connects client challenges to pragmatic solutions and actions by facilitating the right conversations

The specialists in the 2Connect network partner with, support and enable organisations, senior executives, talent and leadership teams, by providing the right support and facilitating the right conversations to deliver focused actions that drive and achieve the desired results


2Connect is made up of a network of experienced individuals that advises, enables, supports, and mentors South African organisations, talent and leaders.


2Connect brings together the experience and expertise of

  • Strategy experts

  • Leadership and Capability Specialists

  • Experienced technical business mentors

  • HR, process and infrastructure experts

  • Organisational Effectiveness professionals

to solve clients key challenges through an integrated and systemic approach.


2Connect is run as a facilitating network that offers experienced and talented individuals the opportunity to work on projects that utilise their experience and skills, while allowing them the option to self manage their contribution to the output.


The real value of this model is that clients have a whole lot of highly focused, talented...

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.
John F Kennedy