We believe that all the important answers already exist within your business – we just facilitate conversations and help structure your thinking to align your organisation


We understand the importance and interplay between the strategic context, infrastructure and the capabilities needed to change behaviour, and can help you manage these trade-offs


We strategically align processes to ensure delivery, by make existing processes better, rather than adding new one’s. It’s all about our diverse network of experts listening to you, our client, and getting to pragmatic answers that you can act on


We help you address the pain points but don’t just give you a “whipping list” of things to fix


We partner you on short, high impact initiatives but partner all the clients we work with by providing ongoing support.


It is our aim to make things easier for you and for you to feel good about what you have achieved while working with us.


How do you mobilize change through executive leadership ?

  • Are top leadership committed ?

  • Is the case for change clearly articulated and role as change agents?

  • What is the Leadership team dynamics, effectiveness and engagement ?

  • Are the vision and strategy defined and agreed ?

  • Are the Implications of Strategy understood ?


How do we translate the strategy into operational terms?

  • How is the strategy translated  e.g. strategy map developed?

  • Are the measures and Scorecard created?

  • Are  targets established?

  • What initiatives  are strategically prioritised?

  • How is accountability assigned and understood?


How do you align the organisation to the strategy?

  • How are the links to Group and BU defined?

  • Are BU’s aligned?

  • Are BU’s and support functions aligned?

  • Is clarity on dependencies, dual expectations and interdependencies?


How do you make strategy everyone’s job?

  • Is strategic awareness and understanding created throughout  business?

  • Are  performance processes aligned with line of sight between objectives and strategy?

  • Are Personal reward and incentives aligned?

  • Are competencies & personal development aligned?


How do you Govern to make strategy a continual process?

  • Is strategic  reporting system established?

  • Should Strategic  or Quarterly review meetings  be conducted?

  • Are planning, budgeting and strategy processes integrated?

  • Is knowledge sharing and on-going learning platforms linked to strategy?