2Connect is a leadership advisory partner that brings together

the experience and expertise of a network of over
100 strategy experts, organisational effectiveness

professionals, leadership and capability specialists to

solve clients key challenges through an integrated and

systemic approach.

The 2Connect network is comprised of individuals that advise,

enable, support and mentor South African organisations, talent and leaders in transition. 2Connect provides the right support and facilitates the right conversations, delivering on focused actions that drive and achieve the desired results for client organisations.

The real value of the 2Connect model is that it has access to an assortment of highly professional, brilliant and experienced individuals who are selected for their relevant experience and expertise which meet the specific client or project challenges. Collectively, 2Connect has decades of business experience that it utilizes in providing solutions to clients.

This gives clients access to a pool of wide-ranging industry and specialist experience spanning multiple areas of business. This ensures that 2Connect always has the best group of individuals to partner clients in delivering on their business needs.


What makes 2Connect different is that the team prides itself on partnering clients to  join the dots between three
inter-related, but often separated, areas in order to maximise business impact and performance:


2Connect has garnered an excellent reputation in the market place due to consistently delivering on its mandates. Some of the sectors in which 2Connect continues to deliver successful results include banking, retail, food & beverage, insurance and various Government departments.


2Connect is also a proud partner to several international networks. This allows 2Connect access to proven international practices and methodologies as well as a range of experienced and respected experts and resources.


If the only tool we have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.
Abraham Maslow