How do you mobilize change through executive leadership ?

  • Are top leadership committed ?

  • Is the case for change clearly articulated and role as change agents?

  • What is the Leadership team dynamics, effectiveness and engagement ?

  • Are the vision and strategy defined and agreed ?

  • Are the Implications of Strategy understood ?


How do we translate the strategy into operational terms?

  • How is the strategy translated  e.g. strategy map developed?

  • Are the measures and Scorecard created?

  • Are  targets established?

  • What initiatives  are strategically prioritised?

  • How is accountability assigned and understood?


How do you align the organisation to the strategy?

  • How are the links to Group and BU defined?

  • Are BU’s aligned?

  • Are BU’s and support functions aligned?

  • Is clarity on dependencies, dual expectations and interdependencies?


How do you make strategy everyone’s job?

  • Is strategic awareness and understanding created throughout  business?

  • Are  performance processes aligned with line of sight between objectives and strategy?

  • Are Personal reward and incentives aligned?

  • Are competencies & personal development aligned?


How do you Govern to make strategy a continual process?

  • Is strategic  reporting system established?

  • Should Strategic  or Quarterly review meetings  be conducted?

  • Are planning, budgeting and strategy processes integrated?

  • Is knowledge sharing and on-going learning platforms linked to strategy?

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination."
Jimmy Dean